Privacy Policy

Our Privacy and return policy

We at eSOL Technologies make sure that we maintain a healthy and "secure" relationship with our clients. Customer service and customer care is our top priority. We do not misuse, sell or give out information of our clients unless necessary.

eSOL Technologies's website is completely fool proof and does not give out customer information at any time, however eSOL Technologies is not responsible if the client is using any such portal that saves personal information.

We use several credit card companies to charge users for our services. These companies do not use personal information for any secondary purposes.

Though retaining the client information solely for the purpose of order processing / payments is our top priority eSOL Technologies will not hold back any information if it is required by the law and the company feels that such action is necessary in order to comply with any court order served on the website.


eSOL Technologies may contain links to other websites. The privacy policy may vary in that case since the policy of the target website would come into consideration in case of any such links.


eSOL Technologies is not responsible if a client makes any contact with any of the customer service representative on any other numbers or email addresses than the ones given on the website or the ones with our company domain reference. Any terms decided in this case would not be considered applicable in the course of the order processing.


eSOL Technologies will never charge anything extra than the amount agreed by the client for an order, however in case of foreign clients, currency conversion rates may apply.


eSOL Technologies may contact its clients in case of any new promotions or policies. If a client wishes not to be contacted any further just send in an email stating that you do not wish to be contacted by the company in future. eSOL Technologies makes sure that its clients are completely at ease and in peace of mind and at no point wishes to make any contact with the client without his/her concent.


eSOL Technologies provides complete online designing support in order to bring your ideas into existance. However at some point our designers may ask you to send them some data such as your company logo or your business information or any personal data that you wish to show on your website or web application. eSOL Technologies at no point uses such data for any personal use and the company will not be held responsible of duplication if a client uses an image from the internet.


eSOL Technologies may make any changes in the policies at any time. Such information would be immediately updated in the Privacy Policy area and would be communicated with the client if it concerns them in any way. However, eSOL Technologies would not be held responsible if the client is not reachable or fails to read any messages left by the company ie, email or letter or voice mail within the certain time span before the delivery of their order.

In case of any further queries please feel free to contact eSOL Technologies.